Nine years of blogging

Imagine having a tool that can automatically detect JPA and Hibernate performance issues. Wouldn’t that be just awesome?

Well, Hypersistence Optimizer is that tool! And it works with Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Jakarta EE, Java EE, Quarkus, or Play Framework.

So, enjoy spending your time on the things you love rather than fixing performance issues in your production system on a Saturday night!

Nine years already!

Nine years ago today, I decided I would give blogging a chance. At the time, I had absolutely no writing experience.

Here’s my very first article about injecting a List of beans using the Spring @Autowired annotation. No headers, no proper code formatting, and no idea what I was doing.

On every blog anniversary, I write a report about all my achievements that would not have been possible without having this blog.

If you are interested in my previous reports, you can check out the previous articles:

Page Views

In 9 years, I managed to write 508 articles, which generated almost 18.5 million views from 9.7 million visitors.

Nine years of blogging overall statistics

Social media

Before I started blogging, I rarely used social media. I didn’t even have a Twitter account. In fact, I created one after I realized I was getting some blog traffic from it.

Just like with blogging, when I started using social media to supplement my content creation activity, I had no idea what I was doing, so in the very first years, I had a rather modest growth rate in my audience.

It was actually two years ago when I decided to invest more effort into expanding my social media presence, and it worked:

Hibernate Types project

I published the version of the Hibernate Types open-source project on the 25th of September 2017.

Five years later, this small OSS project gets over 2.2 million monthly downloads:

Over the past year, there were several enhancements that have been added to the project:

  • I added support for Hibernate 6,
  • I integrated Testcontainers, to make it easier to run the hundreds of database-specific integration tests,
  • I created the HibernateRepository.
  • I integrated several PRs that provided support for JavaMoney

High-Performance SQL video course

In 2021, I started recording the first modules of my High-Performance SQL training, and, at the beginning of 2022, I managed to release the Beta edition.

I’m now editing three more modules, and I’m planning on finishing this video course next year.

Hypersistence Optimizer

While doing performance tuning for various companies, I had an idea. What if I created a library that would do all this work automatically?

This way, I could commodity the JPA and Hibernate performance tuning and make it easier for companies to improve the performance of their systems.

That’s how Hypersistence Optimizer was born.

Over the past year, I added support for Spring and Hibernate 6 along with many extra optimizations that will help you detect performance issues automatically during testing.

I released the first edition in March 2019 and have improved it constantly ever since. Nowadays, Hypersistence Optimizer is used by hundreds of companies across the world, from Forbes 500 to very ambitious startups.


While I created my YouTube channel in 2017, I haven’t posted too much on it. For this reason, this summer, I decided to increase the number of videos on my YouTube channel, so I plan on publishing a new video every month.

Thanks for reading my blog, and stay tuned for more content that I plan on releasing over the course of the next year.

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