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After receiving a very positive feedback for my High-Performance Java Persistence on-site training, I decided to record it as a video course.

While getting started with JPA and Hibernate is fairly easy, if you want to master Java Persistence, you can’t make it without knowing how relational database systems work, how various JDBC drivers address performance-specific topics, the Object/Relational mismatch or why we have patterns like Unit of Work, Optimistic and Pessimistic locking, Entity, Inheritance, Identity, and so on.

A video course will always provide the ultimate learning experience and the fastest way to acquire information, and, if you want to learn more about JPA and Hibernate, then this viceo course is for you.

High-Performance Java Persistence Video Course

Your trainer

I’m a Java Champion, and I wrote hundreds of articles about JPA and Hibernate.

On StackOverflow, I have been answering thousands of questions about JPA and Hibernate which brought me several gold badges for the Java, JPA, Hibernate and ORM tags.

Besides writing about JPA and Hibernate, I’ve been talking about high-performance data access frameworks at various international software conferences like Devoxx, Voxxed Days, Java Zone, and even run workshops at some of the most appreciated software conferences in the world, like Craft Conf.

Last, but not least, I’m one of the top contributors to the Hibernate ORM project.

All in all, I think you are going to be in good hands with me.


Every module includes the video lectures with subtitles as well as the slides used in the video.

You can watch the videos either on the online teaching platform or you can download them and watch them while being offline.

The High-Performance Java Persistence video course is split into multiple parts:

Mach 1
Mach 1 covers the basics and essentials of starting up a project with high-performance in mind.
Mach 2
Mach 2 will include everything in Mach 1 plus Batching and Flushing modules.
Mach 3
Mach 3 will include everything in Mach 2 plus Fetching and Caching modules.
Mach 4
Mach 4 will include everything in Mach 3 plus Transactions and Concurrency Control module.

Once I release new modules, I’m going to publish the remaining Mach courses.

If you buy any Mach course and want to upgrade to a more complex course, you can make it for a 50% discount price until I manage to finish the next Mach course.

So, if you buy the Mach 1 course, you can get the Mach 2 course at 50% off up until I release the Mach 3 video course. After I release the Mach 3 course, you can upgrade for the price difference.

High-Performance Java Persistence – Mach 1

Mach 1 is the first part of this video course, and it features the following modules:

Getting Started

  • Data Access Stack (11:14)
  • GitHub Repository (5:03)
  • Logging SQL Statements (12:48)
  • Schema Management (7:42)
  • Integration Testing with Docker (8:28)


  • Connection Management and Hibernate Connection Providers (12:02)
  • Hibernate Connection Lifecycle (8:11)
  • Connection Monitoring (13:56)Types
  • Hibernate Statistics (8:29)


  • JPA and Hibernate Types (7:31)
  • Custom Hibernate Types (7:25)
  • The hibernate-types project (7:18)


  • JPA and Hibernate Identifiers (15:21)
  • Hibernate Identifier Optimizers (8:18)


  • JPA and Hibernate Relationships (8:54)
  • Equals and Hashcode (7:47)
  • ManyToOne and OnetoMany (13:24)
  • OneToOne (12:34)
  • ManyToMany (9:28)

The Mach 1 module will feature a bonus module as well. The Inheritance module is going to be included for free after I manage to release the Mach 2 course.

Enroll in Course for $149

Sample video

To get a feeling of what I’m talking about, check out this free sample about the best way of logging with JPA and Hibernate.

Stay tuned!

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