Spring and Hibernate 6 Migration

Spring and Hibernate 6 

Migration Training

Get the most out of your data access layer

Why migrate to Spring and Hibernate 6?

  • 1
    Java 17
    Do you want to learn how to get the most out of Java 17?
  • 2
    Hibernate 6
    Many new features have been added to Hibernate 6 and JPA 3.1, and learning how to use them from Spring Data JPA can really make a difference when it comes to application performance.
  • 3
    SpRing 6 and Spring Boot 3
    Spring is used by the vast majority of Java projects nowadays, so migrating to this awesome version not only will it provide you with the awesome new features added to Spring, but it will enable you get access to many other new features offered by Java 17 or Hibernate 6.


The Spring and Hibernate Migration training is aimed to help your team transition to the latest versions of Spring and Hibernate.


Java 17

Duration: 1h

  • Text Blocks
  • Records
  • Sealed classes
  • Extended switch expressions
  • Pattern matching for instanceOf
  • Optional and Stream API additions

Spring 6

Duration: 1h

  • A better BaseJpaRepository
  • Spring Data JPA and Blaze Persistence
  • Streaming best practices
  • Custom JpaRepositories

Hibernate 6

Duration: 2h

  • JPA 3.1 - What's New
  • Hibernate SQM (Semantic Query Model)
  • Window Functions with JPQL and Criteria API
  • Derived Table with JPQL and Criteria API
  • Criteria API Extensions
  • Hibernate Dialect changes
  • Hibernate Type system changes
  • Entity auto-deduplication
  • TupleTransformer
  • JPA compliance settings 

What People Are Saying...

Elod Balázs

Operations Manager - NTT DATA

As Java developers, we all use JPA and inherently Hibernate at one point in time in our projects. Sometimes it happens that some of us just use and abuse this technology.

The presentation has the right topics, order and proper information to get the beginners and the “lost” intermediate user on the right track. You are a senior, and you wonder if it’s the right thing for you? Well, you can get under the hood and understand the underlying mechanisms and implementations used throughout the framework. Moreover, you will learn about advanced topics like caching, locking mechanisms and concurrency control.

I strongly believe that this is a great all-around training when it comes to ORM concepts.

Mihai Costin

Senior Software Engineer - Moqups

I've been using Hibernate for over 8 years in various projects, and I was thinking "what's more to learn about it?". Well, it turns out I was wrong. I've learned a lot after attending Vlad's training.

It was a very educative and enlightening course, backed up by a lot of code samples, answered questions, do's and don'ts in the Hibernate world. There's a huge difference between using Hibernate and using it right.

Fit to your needs

There is no limit of students that can enroll in this training. If you have multiple teams that need to attend it, the cheaper it gets per person.

The full training takes half a day, so it's going to be very easy to fit into your schedule, no matter how busy it is.

All source code is in a GitHub repository which you set up during the training and use it whenever you want.

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