High-Performance Java Persistence



A high-performance data access layer must resonate with the underlying database system. Knowing the inner workings of a relational database and the data access frameworks in use can make the difference between a high-performance enterprise application and one that barely crawls.

This book is a journey into Java data access performance tuning. From connection management, to batch updates, fetch sizes and concurrency control mechanisms, it unravels the inner workings of the most common Java data access frameworks.

The first part aims to reduce the gap between application developers and database administrators. For this reason, it covers both JDBC and the database fundamentals that are of paramount importance when reducing transaction response times.

The second part demonstrates how you can take advantage of JPA and Hibernate without compromising application performance.

The third part is dedicated to jOOQ and its powerful type-safe querying capabilities, like window functions or common table expressions.


Check out my presentations from Voxxed Days Bucharest and Devoxx France. You’ll get the chance to learn some tips about tuning your data access layer.

High-Performance JDBC

High-Performance Hibernate

If you liked the videos, I bet you are going to love the book as well. There are way more topics in the book than I can squeeze in a one-hour conference presentation.


If you want to get a feeling of what this book is all about, then check out the online preview. There are three chapters available online.

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