My name is Vlad Mihalcea [vlʌd mɪhʌltʃæ], and I’m a Java Champion, CEO of Hypersistence, JPA expert, and
one of the top Hibernate ORM committers.

If you enjoyed my articles, I bet you are going to love my book as well.

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Opinions are my own and not the views of any previous or current employer.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Vlad,

    I’m just wandering if your book can be used as tutorial for Hibernate/JPA newbies or should I have some previous experiance with Hibernate/JPA? I don’t know very much about Hibernate and JPA and I want to dive into this subject.

    1. You might be a beginner now, but once you start using Hibernate, it’s much better if you know right from the start what are the good practices and what features are to be avoided. My book is for anyone who wants tot master this subject, and you will keep on coming back to it even years from now.

  2. Hi, Vlad! Your blog is the best Hibernate tutorial ever! It so inspired me and I want translate your articles to Russian and publish in my blog. Can I do it with link to original post?

  3. Hi Vlad,
    I came across the following best practice in the hibernate documentation.

    Prefer bidirectional associations:

    Unidirectional associations are more difficult to query. In a large application, almost all associations must be navigable in both directions in queries.

    Does this relates to the hibernate internals that converts the entities to queries?

    Do you have a logic to understand how this happens? I think my knowledge and understanding is not enough to figure out what is going on inside.

    Please share your idea or point to a resource that could be helpful.

    Thank You.

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