High-Performance Java Persistence Video Course

High-Performance Java Persistence

Video Course

Get the most out of your data access layer

Want to run your data access layer at high speeds?

  • 1
    Database Essentials
    Do you know how a relational database systems works behind the scenes?
  • 2
    Do you know how the JDBC Driver executes statements and how you can configure it to boost application performance?
  • 3
    JPA and Hibernate
    Adding JPA and Hibernate annotations is fairly easy. But, do you know the performance implications of each JPA or Hibernate feature your application makes heavy use of?

Video Course Agenda

12 Video Course Modules (49 videos – 10 hours and 40 minutes)

Getting Started

Duration: 45m

  • Data Access Stack (11:14)
  • GitHub Repository (5:03)
  • Logging SQL Statements (12:48)
  • Schema Management (7:42)
  • Integration Testing with Docker (8:28)


Duration: 42m

  • Connection Management and Hibernate Connection Providers (12:02)
  • Hibernate Connection Lifecycle (8:11)
  • Connection Monitoring (13:56)
  • Hibernate Statistics (8:29)

Types and Identifiers

Duration: 38m

  • JPA and Hibernate Types (7:31)
  • Custom Hibernate Types (7:25)
  • JPA and Hibernate Identifiers (15:21)
  • Hibernate Identifier Optimizers (8:18)


Duration: 52m

  • JPA and Hibernate Relationships (8:54)
  • Equals and Hashcode (7:47)
  • ManyToOne and OneToMany (13:24)
  • OneToOne (12:34)
  • ManyToMany (9:28)


Duration: 53m

  • JPA Inheritance Basics (7:28)
  • Single Table Inheritance (14:51)
  • Discriminator Column (10:24)
  • Joined Inheritance (06:50)
  • Table Per Class Inheritance (7:29)
  • Mapped Superclass Inheritance (6:26)

Persistence Context and Flushing

Duration: 46m

  • Persistence Context and Flushing Basics (9:12)
  • Action Queue (7:44)
  • The AUTO FlushModeType (11:17)
  • Dirty Checking Mechanism (9:40)
  • Bytecode Enhancement Dirty Checking (8:15)

Statement Caching

Duration: 29m

  • Statement Lifecycle and Execution Plans (15:58)
  • Statement Caching (13:35)


Duration: 28m

  • Statement Batching (11:52)
  • Statement Batching Cascade Operations (6:37)
  • Batching Update Operations (5:16)
  • SQL Injection (5:04)


Duration: 69m

  •  Statement Fetch Size (5:27)
  • Result Set Size (11:29)
  • JPA Query Projection (13:38)
  • Hibernate Query Projection (11:55)
  • Fetching Entities (10:29)
  • Fetching Associations (16:05)


Duration: 129m

  •  Introduction (25:49)
  • ACID (60:16)
  • Pessimistic Locking (19:27)
  • Optimistic Locking (23:26)


Duration: 107m

  •  Database Caching (32:18)
  • Application-Level Caching (23:57)
  • Second-Level Cache Basics (16:37)
  • Second-Level Cache Concurrency Strategies (34:23)

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What People Are Saying...

a wonderful journey into the world of Java and databases

“With High-Performance Java Persistence Mach 1, Vlad takes us on a wonderful journey into the world of Java and databases.

We start with the JDBC fundamentals and work piece by piece into the layers of Hibernate.

With videos, slides and a huge repository, Vlad guides us through the pitfalls of the different technologies and gives us lots of tips and tricks on our way that you would not find elsewhere.

From a software developer’s perspective, I highly recommend High-Performance Java Persistence Mach 1. And best of all: the journey continues with Mach 2.”

Jean-Claude Brantschen (Software Engineer)

excellent addition to the ebooK

“I found the High-Performance Java Persistence video course to be a comprehensive training and an excellent addition to the ebook.

It is an effective way to get to the next stage of JPA knowledge.”

Zenko Turek (Technical Architect)

Thanks a ton for the video series

“Thanks a ton for the video series, Vlad Mihalcea. 

Not only this video course equips you to undertake day-to-day work, but it provides understanding and compliments you with reasons of what JPA means.”

Amitabh Mandal (Senior Analyst)

Philip Riecks

you can't have a better teacher for tuning your application's data access layer

“With Vlad as one of the main Hibernate contributors, you can't have a better teacher for tuning your application's data access layer. 

I can totally recommend this course as Vlad has great teaching skills and perfectly mixes theoretical input with running code examples.”

Philip Riecks (Java Software Engineer - Scout24)


“I was dealing with some persistence issues in my projects, some about performance, others about the Hibernate way of working. 

This course not only that it gave me the knowledge to solve those issues but open my mind about Java Persistence in general and provided me with more in-depth insight about how Hibernate works behind the scenes.

I'm fully satisfied with the course, so I highly recommend it.”

Miguel Angel González (Software Technical Architect, DevOps engineer)


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