Frequently Asked Questions

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First of all, I want to thank you for reading my articles.

What are the blog post or page comments for?

You should use the blog post or page comments to address a question that’s relevant to the content of the blog post or page you are commenting on.

For instance, if a particular phrase is not clear, you should ask for more details. Or, if you spot a typo, please let me know to correct it.

What is the lifetime of a comment?

Comments are kept for at most one year, sometimes even less than that.

That’s the reason why you should use them for feedback only. Based on your feedback, I’ll update the original post to make it better for future readers.

What about generic questions?

Generic questions are not very suitable for blog comments. You are better off using Stack Overflow instead.

Due to a very tight schedule, I don’t have the time to answer all the generic questions,
unless you are a member of my Coaching Tribe.

Can I send you an email with my question?

This option is only available to my Coaching Tribe members.

So, if you are struggleing with an issue and don’t know how to fix it, and no one has provided you an answer
on StackOverflow, then you should consider joining my Coaching Tribe.