Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask you an off-topic question about Hibernate?

Sure, thing!

But please, do it on StackOverflow and send me the link.

If you ask me a question about Hibernate in a blog post comment, I will not answer it because that’s not the right place to answer such questions.

Can I send you an email with a question about Hibernate?

I don’t answer questions over email. The best way to ask a question in to use StackOverflow.

You can send me the link to the StackOverflow question on Twitter, and I’ll do my best to answer it when I have time.

What if the question is not a good fit for StackOverflow?

Questions which are too broad or the answer is opinionated are not a good fit for StackOverflow.

In that case, you should ask the question on Quora and request me to answer it. Quora has a very nice feature where you can choose someone to answer your question instead of writing it as a comment on some unrelated post on this blog.

What are the blog post or page comments for?

You should use the blog post or page comments to address a question or start a discussion that’s relevant to the blog post or page you are commenting on.

Otherwise, it’s better to ask a new question on StackOverflow and ping me there.

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