Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask you an off-topic question about Hibernate?

Sure, thing!

But please, do it on StackOverflow or the Hibernate forum.

If you ask me a question about Hibernate in a blog post comment, I will not answer it because that’s not the right place to answer such questions.

Can I send you an email with a question about Hibernate?

I don’t answer questions over email. The best way to ask a question in to use either StackOverflow or the Hibernate forum.

You can send me the link to the StackOverflow question on Twitter, and I’ll do my best to answer it when I have time.

What if thee question is not a agood fit for StackOverflow?

Questions which are too broad or the answer is opinionated are not a good fit for StackOverflow. In that case, you should ask the question on Quora and equest me to answer it. Quora has a very nice feature where you can choose someone to answer your question instead of writing it as a comment on some unrelated post on this blog.

What are the blog post or page comments for?

You should use the blog post or page comments to address a question or start a discussion that’s relevant to the blog post or page you are commenting on.

Otherwise, it’s better to ask a new question on StackOverflow and ping me there.

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