My name is Vlad Mihalcea, and I’m a Java Champion. I wrote the High-Performance Java Persistence book which became one of the best-selling Java books on Amazon.

I'm currently developing the amazing Hypersistence Optimizer, and in my free time, I develop various open-source projects (e.g. Hibernate-Types and FlexyPool) and answer questions on StackOverflow.


I've been blogging since 2013 about Java, JPA, Hibernate, Spring and database systems (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL).


I wrote and published a book called High-Performance Java Persistence which has been read by thousands of Java developers all across the world.


I've been recording and publishing a series of video courses based on my High-Performance Java Persistence training material. 


If you are interested in having me teach you how to get the most out of your data access layer, you should definitely contact me.


If you are interested in having me review your enterprise applications and optimize your data access layer, you should definitely contact me.


I'm speaking at software conferences about Java Persistence, Hibernate, database systems, transactions and concurrency control. 


I've been answering thousands of questions about Java, JPA, Hibernate, Spring, SQL, and database systems on StackOverflow. 


Besides open-source projects (e.g. FlexyPool, Hibernate-Types), all the source code on my blog, book, and courses is hosted on GitHub.


With over 200 articles, my Hibernate tutorial is one of the most comprehensive tutorials about JPA, Hibernate and database systems.

Want to run your data access layer at warp speed?