Hypersistence Optimizer Documentation

Installation Guide

If you have just downloaded the Release or the Trial version, and you want to know how to install this tool, then check out the Installation Guide.

User Guide

After you have installed Hypersistence Optimizer, you might want to know how to configure and use it. Therefore, you need to read the User Guide.


Issue Management

If you’d like to create a new issue, be it a feature request or simply reporting a bug, then you can use the hypersistence-optimizer GitHub repository issue section.

For bugs, please provide a replicating test case. You can use the hypersistence-optimizer-test-case Maven module as a template to create your new test case scenario.

When you are done, please send your test case as a Pull Request, and I’ll take care of it.

And, thank you for using this tool and for wanting to make it even more awesome.