Hibernate 6 and JPQL Window Functions

Introduction In this article, I’m going to show you how you can use Hibernate 6 to write JPQL queries that use SQL Window Functions. This feature has been added in Hibernate 6, which provides a new query parser called SQM (Semantic Query Model), which is more powerful than the previous Hibernate HQL query capabilities.

Why you should definitely learn SQL Window Functions

Introduction I found this question on the Hibernate forum, and it’s a very good opportunity to show why mastering Windows Functions is a very important skill for any backend software developer.

Time to break free from the SQL-92 mindset

Are you stuck in the 90s? If you are only using the SQL-92 language reference, then you are overlooking so many great features like: Window Functions PIVOT MERGE INSTEAD OF triggers Some test data In my previous article I imported some CSV Dropwizard metrics into PostgreSQL for further analysis.