How to migrate the hilo Hibernate identifier optimizer to the pooled strategy

Introduction In this article, I’m going to show you how to migrate from the legacy hilo sequence-based identifier optimizer to the pooled Hibernate strategy. I decided to write this article after having a discussion with Gerd Aschemann on Twitter about addressing the HHH-13783 Hibernate issue.

The hi/lo algorithm

Introduction In my previous post I talked about various database identifier strategies, you need to be aware of when designing the database model. We concluded that database sequences are very convenient because they are both flexible and efficient for most use cases. But even with cached sequences, the application requires a database round-trip for every new the sequence value. If your applications demand a high number of insert operations per transaction, the sequence allocation may be optimized with a hi/lo algorithm. The hi/lo algorithm The hi/lo algorithms split the sequences domain into… Read More