The best way to prevent JPA and Hibernate performance issues

Introduction In this article, I’m going to present the best way to prevent performance issues when using JPA and Hibernate. Many years ago, I used to work as a team leader, and, one day, the General Manager asked me to take a look at a project that was in big trouble. The application in question had been developed by a team of software developers for over 9 months, and the client had just tested in a production-like environment. The client got very upset when realizing that the application was barely crawling. For… Read More

How to migrate the hilo Hibernate identifier optimizer to the pooled strategy

Introduction In this article, I’m going to show you how to migrate from the legacy hilo sequence-based identifier optimizer to the pooled Hibernate strategy. I decided to write this article after having a discussion with Gerd Aschemann on Twitter about addressing the HHH-13783 Hibernate issue.

SQL CROSS JOIN – A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction In this article, we are going to see how a CROSS JOIN works, and we will also make use of this SQL join type to build a poker card game.

How does the 2PL (Two-Phase Locking) algorithm work

Introduction The 2PL (Two-Phase Locking) algorithm is one of the oldest concurrency control mechanisms used by relational database systems to guarantee data integrity. In this article, I’m going to explain how the 2PL algorithm works and how you can implement it in any programming language.