How to resolve the Hibernate global database schema and catalog for native SQL queries

Introduction When your relation database system uses multiple schemas, then you can instruct Hibernate to use a global schema using the hibernate.default_schema configuration property: While Hibernate can imply the default schema whenever dealing with entity queries, for native queries, you need a little trick. This post is going to demonstrate how you can imply the default schema for native SQL queries as well.

The best way to implement equals, hashCode, and toString with JPA and Hibernate

Bytecode enhancement and toString Last week, Mark Struberg, who is an Apache Software Foundation member and OpenJPA contributor, made the following statement:

How to use external XML mappings files (outside of JAR) with JPA and Hibernate

Introduction Flemming Harms has asked a very good question on Twitter: Basically, we want to move the JPA XML mappings outside of the application JAR so that we can change the mapping without affecting the jar file.

How to update only a subset of entity attributes using JPA and Hibernate @DynamicUpdate

Introduction One of my Twitter followers asked me to answer the following question on StackOverflow. This article aims to explain various techniques for controlling the UPDATE SQL statement that is executed whenever an entity is modified by the data access layer.

The best way to map a Java 1.8 Optional entity attribute with JPA and Hibernate

Introduction StackOverflow is a neverending source of great questions. This time, we are covering this question about using Java 1.8 Optional with JPA and Hibernate. Java 1.8 introduced the java.util.Optional container object that may or may not contain a certain value. Combining Optional and streams is very handy. Therefore, you might want that some nullable entity attributes be exposed as Optional. This article is going to demonstrate what are caveats of using Optional with entity attributes, and how you can overcome them.