Upgrading to WordPress.com Business Plan

Introduction In this article, I’m going to explain why I took the decision of giving my blog an upgrade and why I chose the WordPress.com Business Plan. When I started this blog, I chose WordPress.com because, compared to Blogger or other blogging services, it seemed a much more flexible alternative, especially in the long-run. Most web designers I knew were very familiar with WordPress, not to mention that it powers 25% of all Internet websites. Four years, I’ve been using the Free Plan which, other than a Domain Name, does not cost… Read More

How to translate WordPress blog posts to Leanpub Markdown

Unix tools to the rescue I am a big fan of Unix utilities as they help me out on a daily basis. When the Leanbub WordPress export tool failed me, I knew I had to write my own import script. Without an automatic script, I’d had to spend more than half an hour to fix broken source codes or tables and migrate image references to the book repository folder structure. But the The High-Performance Java Persistence book is using info that’s scattered across over hundreds of blog posts, which would have taken… Read More