SQL Seek Method or Keyset Pagination

Introduction In this article, we are going to see what the SQL Seek Method or Keyset Pagination is and why you should consider it when navigating over large results sets. The goal of pagination is to avoid fetching large volumes of data since the UI has a limited viewport that could be used to display data.

Hibernate slow query log

Introduction In this article, I’m going to show you how you can activate the slow query log when using JPA and Hibernate. This slow query log feature has been available since Hibernate ORM 5.4.5 and notifies you when the execution time of a given JPQL, Criteria API or native SQL query exceeds a certain threshold value you have previously configured.

How to use the Hibernate Query Cache for DTO projections

Introduction On the Hibernate forum, I noticed the following question which is about using the Hibernate Query Cache for storing DTO projections, not entities. While caching JPQL queries which select entities is rather typical, caching DTO projections is a lesser-known feature of the Hibernate second-level Query Cache.

How to map a JPA @ManyToOne relationship to a SQL query using the Hibernate @JoinFormula annotation

Introduction Someone asked me to answer the following StackOverflow question, and, because the question is very interesting from an SQL perspective, I decided to turn the answer it into a blog post. In this article, we are going to see how to map a JPA @ManyToOne association to the result of a SQL query using the Hibernate-specific @JoinFormula annotation.

How does AUTO flush strategy work in JPA and Hibernate

Introduction The Hibernate AUTO flush mode behaves differently whether you are bootstrapping Hibernate via JPA or using the stand-alone mechanism. When using JPA, the AUTO flush mode causes all queries (JPQ, Criteria API, and native SQL) to trigger a flush prior to the query execution. However, this is not the case when bootstrapping Hibernate using the native API. Not all queries trigger a Session flush Many would assume that Hibernate always flushes the Session before any executing query. While this might have been a more intuitive approach, and probably closer to the… Read More