How to execute SQL functions with multiple parameters in a JPQL query with Hibernate

Introduction In this article, we are going to see how you can execute SQL functions with multiple parameters in JPQL queries with Hibernate. I recently stumbled on this requirement while answering this StackOverflow question, which is a never-ending source of inspiration for articles on my blog.

How to improve statement caching efficiency with IN clause parameter padding

Introduction Recently, I stumbled on the following Twitter thread: This jOOQ feature is indeed really useful since it reduces the number of SQL statements that have to be generated when varying the IN clause parameters dynamically. Starting with Hibernate ORM 5.2.18, it’s now possible to use IN clause parameter padding so that you can improve SQL Statement Caching efficiency. In this article, I’m going to explain how this new mechanism works and why you should definitely consider it when using a relational database system that supports Execution Plan caching.

How to solve the PostgreSQL :: cast operator issue with JPA and Hibernate

Introduction While answering questions on the Hibernate forum, I stumbled on the following question regarding the PostgreSQL :: cast operation used in a JPA and Hibernate entity query. Since it’s a very interesting use case, I decided to turn the answer into a dedicated blog post.