Why and when you should use JPA

Introduction If you are wondering why and when you should use JPA or Hibernate, then this article is going to provide you an answer to this very common question. Because I’ve seen this question asked very often on the /r/java Reddit channel, I decided that it’s worth writing an in-depth answer about the strengths and weaknesses of JPA and Hibernate. Although JPA has been a standard since it was first released in 2006, it’s not the only way you can implement a data access layer using Java. We are going to discuss… Read More

JPA providers market share in 2016

The survey Java Persistence API is a standard. Hence, there are multiple options to choose from: Hibernate EclipseLink OpenJPA Some applications choose not to use an ORM framework at all. For this reason, I decided to run a one-day survey on Twitter to get a glimpse on the JPA providers market share.