A paranoid’s guide to backing up a working folder

Oops time Leanpub supports multiple storage engines, and a private GitHub repository is probably the safest way to the backing up your working folder. I chose Dropbox as I didn’t envision anything wrong with the automatic synchronization mechanism. While working on my book, I accidentally managed to wipe out half of my diagrams, and all changes were instantly synchronized by Dropbox. The free-of-charge Dropbox account doesn’t offer folder-level versioning, so deleted files are simply gone. Fortunately, IntelliJ IDEA Local History saved the day, and the diagrams were properly restored.

Book review – How Linux Works 2nd edition

The book The book’s author is Brian Ward, who has a Ph.D. in computer science and has written several books about Linux Kernel, Vim, and VMware. The book has 17 Chapters and covers many Linux aspects, from the Operating System architecture to Bash scripting and Package Managers.

How to import CSV data into PostgreSQL

Introduction Many database servers support CSV data transfers and this post will show one way you can import CSV files to PostgreSQL. SQL aggregation rocks! My previous post demonstrated FlexyPool metrics capabilities and all connection related statistics were exported in CSV format. When it comes to aggregation tabular data SQL is at its best. If your database engine supports SQL:2003 windows functions you should definitely make use of this great feature.