Flyway Database Schema Migrations

Introduction In this article, I’m going to explain how Flyway works and how you can use it to run automated database schema migrations using incremental SQL migration scripts. Flyway is an open-source project created by Axel Fontaine and later acquired by Red Gate. The database migrations can be defined either as SQL scripts or JDBC-based classes.

MongoDB Incremental Migration Scripts

Introduction An incremental software development process requires an incremental database migration strategy. I remember working on an enterprise application where the was the default data migration tool. Updating the production environment required intensive preparation and the migration scripts were only created on-the-spot. An unforeseen error could have led production data corruption. Incremental updates to the rescue The incremental database update is a technical feature that needs to be addressed in the very first application development iterations. We used to develop our own custom data migration implementations and spending time on writing/supporting… Read More