FlexyPool 2 has been released


I’m happy to announce you that FlexyPool 2 has just been released!

FlexyPool 2 released

I started FlexyPool in 2014 because, at the time, I was working as a software architect on a large real-estate platform and we were about to launch the system into production. Because the system was split into multiple modules, we needed a way to figure out the right pool size for each module.

To make matters worse, the front-end nodes could be auto-scaled, so we needed monitoring and same fallback mechanisms in case our initial assumptions did not hold anymore.

And that’s how FlexyPool was born.

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How does FlexyPool support the Dropwizard Metrics package renaming


FlexyPool relies heavily on Dropwizard (previously Codahale) Metrics for monitoring the connection pool usage. Being integrated into Dropwizard, the package name was bound to be renamed.

So instead of com.codahale.metrics the 4.0.0 release will use the io.dropwizard.metrics package name.

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