High-Performance Java Persistence – Chapter 8 – Why JPA and Hibernate matter

Second part, Chapter 8 Now that the first part of my book is published, it’s time to focus on the second part, which covers both JPA and Hibernate. From now on, every new chapter is going to be released right after it’s completed, so the reader doesn’t have to wait for the whole part to be finished to get access to new chapters. Table of content This chapter aims to remind the reader why Hibernate has its place in high-performance data access, and the table of contents looks like this:

High-Performance Java Persistence – Part One

The journey Four months, one week and two days and 114 pages; that’s how much it took to write the first part of the High-Performance Java Persistence book. As previously stated, the book is developed in an Agile fashion. Each part represents a milestone, which is accompanied by a release. This way, the readers can get access to the book content prior to finishing the whole book (which might take a year or so).

A paranoid’s guide to backing up a working folder

Oops time Leanpub supports multiple storage engines, and a private GitHub repository is probably the safest way to the backing up your working folder. I chose Dropbox as I didn’t envision anything wrong with the automatic synchronization mechanism. While working on my book, I accidentally managed to wipe out half of my diagrams, and all changes were instantly synchronized by Dropbox. The free-of-charge Dropbox account doesn’t offer folder-level versioning, so deleted files are simply gone. Fortunately, IntelliJ IDEA Local History saved the day, and the diagrams were properly restored.

The High-Performance Java Persistence book

A book in the making It’s been a year since I started the quest for a highly-effective Data Knowledge Stack and the Hibernate Master Class contains over fifty articles already. Now that I covered many aspects of database transactions, JDBC and Java Persistence, it’s time to assemble all the pieces together into the High-Performance Java Persistence book.