The best way to get more Twitter followers

Introduction In this article, I’m going to share some tips that will help you get more Twitter followers by delivering high-quality content and increasing your audience engagement.

Upgrading to Business Plan

Introduction In this article, I’m going to explain why I took the decision of giving my blog an upgrade and why I chose the Business Plan. When I started this blog, I chose because, compared to Blogger or other blogging services, it seemed a much more flexible alternative, especially in the long-run. Most web designers I knew were very familiar with WordPress, not to mention that it powers 25% of all Internet websites. Four years, I’ve been using the Free Plan which, other than a Domain Name, does not cost… Read More

2014 – A year in review

Retrospective January In the beginning of 2014, I took the initial version of my time series MongoDB aggregation example and pass it through a multistage optimization process, from indexing to advanced data-modelling: MongoDB time series: Introducing the aggregation framework A beginner’s guide to MongoDB performance turbocharging MongoDB and the fine art of data modelling February In February, I starting developing FlexyPool, the ultimate connection pool sizing utility. This was a great opportunity to dig into Queuing Theory and the following articles capture some of my findings: The anatomy of Connection Pooling FlexyPool,… Read More