How to translate WordPress blog posts to Leanpub Markdown

Unix tools to the rescue I am a big fan of Unix utilities as they help me out on a daily basis. When the Leanbub WordPress export tool failed me, I knew I had to write my own import script. Without an automatic script, I’d had to spend more than half an hour to fix broken source codes or tables and migrate image references to the book repository folder structure. But the The High-Performance Java Persistence book is using info that’s scattered across over hundreds of blog posts, which would have taken… Read More

Speedment ORM – deliberate enterprise caching

A small company with big dreams I first heard of Speedment while watching a Hazelcast webinar about a RDBMS Change Data Capture approach for updating the in-memory data grid. In this article, we will have the pleasure of talking to Per-Åke Minborg, who is the CTO and one of the founders of Speedment AB.

How does FlexyPool support the Dropwizard Metrics package renaming

Introduction FlexyPool relies heavily on Dropwizard (previously Codahale) Metrics for monitoring the connection pool usage. Being integrated into Dropwizard, the package name was bound to be renamed. So instead of com.codahale.metrics the 4.0.0 release will use the io.dropwizard.metrics package name.