4 thoughts on “How to get access to database table metadata with Hibernate 5

  1. Thanks for creating a blog post for my question. I have one more requirement. If I want to get the entity class name to which the table is mapped, then using the same logic that you mentioned, is it correct if I do it like this as I want to return the Class object also.
    Eg: Class cls = Class.forName(table.getQuotedName());
    And if i want to get the entity variable names to which the columns are mapped, can I get it column.getQuotedName()?

      1. I see that getEntityBinding takes the entity name as string, I have the DB table name with me. Considering your example, where post_details is the table name that I have, I want to get the entity class (Eg: PostDetails.java) object.

        public Class getEntityClassByTableName(String tableName) {

        Class cls = null;
        for(Namespace namespace : MetadataExtractorIntegrator.INSTANCE.getDatabase().getNamespaces()) {

        for( Table table : namespace.getTables()) {
           if(table.getName().equals(tableName)) {
               //how can i get the entity class name as the Table class does not yield that to use the 
               //metadata.getEntityBinding() which you suggested.

        return cls;


      2. Take your time to study the API and you’ll find that you can get all EntityBindings from the Metadata. You can filter them by their associated getTable property. Good luck!

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